Sunday, November 20, 2011

20th of November

It is the 324th day of the year, with only 41 days remaining until the end of the year.

1789 - New Jersey becomes the first U.S. state to ratify the Bill of Rights.

1820 - An 80-ton sperm whale attacks the Essex, a whaling ship from Nantucket, Massachusetts, two thousand miles from the western coast of South America.  This event partially inspired the novel Moby Dick.

1943 - The Battle of Tarawa begins, when United States Marines, land on the atoll in the Gilbert Islands and suffer heavy fire from Japanese shore and machine guns.

1945 - Trials against 24 Nazi war criminals start at the Palace of Justice at Nuremberg, Germany.

1962 - In response to the Soviet Union agreeing to remove its missiles from Cuba, John F. Kennedy ends the quarantine of the Caribbean antion.

1985 - Microsoft Windows 1.0 is released.

1992 - In England, a fire breaks out in Windsor Castle, damaging the structure and causing over 50 million pounds worth of damage.

1998 - The first module of the International Space Station, known as Zarya, is launched.

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