Thursday, September 22, 2011

22nd of September

Today is the 265th day of the year with only 100 days remaining until the new year.

66 - Emperor Nero creates the Legion I Italica.

1776 - Nathan Hale is hanged for spying during the American War of Independence by the British.

1784 - Russia establishes a colony at Kodiak, Alaska.

1789 - The office of United States Postmaster General is established.

1823 - Joseph Smith Jr., states that he has found the golden plates after being directed by God through the angel Moroni, to the place where they are buried.

1862 - A preliminary version of the Emancipation Proclamation is released.

1888 - The first issue of National Geographic Magazine is published.

1893 - The first American-made automobile, built by the Duryea Brothers, is displayed.

1908 - Bulgaria declares that it will be an independent nation.

1927 - Jack Dempsey loses the Long Count boxing match to Gene Tunney.

1941 - Sadly on the Jewish New Year Day, the German SS murder 6,000 Jews in Vinnytsya, Ukraine.  These are survivors of the previous killings that took place a few days earlier, in which 24,000 were killed.

1975 - Sara Jane Moore, tries to assassinate President Gerald Ford, but it foiled by Oliver Sipple.

1991 - The Dead Sea Scrolls are made available to the public for the first time, by the Huntington Library.

1995 - An E-3B AWACS crashes outside Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.  It crashes after multiple bird strikes to two of the four engines soon after takeoff, all 24 on board are killed.

2003 - David Hempleman-Adams becomes the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in an open-air, wicker-basket hot air balloon.

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