Tuesday, May 8, 2012

8th of May

Today is the 128th day of the year, with only 237 days remaining.

1541 - Hernando de Soto reaches the Mississippi River and names it Rio de Espiritu Santo.

1794 - Branded a traitor during the Reign of Terror by revolutionists, French chemist Antoine Lavoisir, who was also a tax collector with the Ferme Generale, is tried, convicted, and guillotined all on the same day in Paris.

1846 - The Battle of Palo Alto, Zachary Taylor defeats a Mexican force north of the Rio Grande in the first major battle of the war.

1886 - Pharmacist John Styth Pemberton first sells a carbonated beverage named Coca-Cola as a patent medicine.

1902 - In Martinique, Mount Pelee erupts, destroying the town of Saint-Pierre and killing over 30,000 people.  Only a handful of residents survive the explosion.

1912 - Paramount Pictures is founded.

1945- V-E Days is declared, as combat ends in Europe.  German forces agree in Rheims, France, to an unconditional surrender.

1973 - A 71-day standoff between federal authorities and the American Indian Movement members occupying the Pine Ridge Reservation at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, ends with the surrender of the militants.

1976 - The rollercoaster Revolution, the first steel coaster with a vertical loop opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

1980 - The eradication of smallpox is endorsed by the World Health Organization.

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