Friday, August 26, 2011

26th of August

This is the 238th day of the year and there are 127 days remaining until the end of the year.

1346 - The military supremacy of the English longbow over the French combination of crossbow and armored knights is established at the Battle of Crecy, during the Hundred Years' War.

1498 - Michelangelo is commissioned to carve the Pieta.

1858 - The first news dispatch is sent by telegraph.

1862 - The Second Battle of Bull Run begins during the American Civil War.

1910 - Mother Teresa, Macedonian-born  Indian missionary is born.

1914 - The British Expeditionary Force fights a rear-guard action at the Battle of Le Cateau that briefly checks the German advance.

1939 - The first Major League Baseball game is telecast.  It is a doubleheader between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York.

1942 - Sadly in Chortkiav, Ukraine, at 2:30 AM the German Schutzpolizei starts driving Jews out of their houses and divides them into groups of 120.  They are packed into freight cars and deported nearly 2000 people to the Belzec death camp.  Almost 500 of the sick and children are murdered on the spot.

1945 - First United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge is born.

1957 - The USSR announces the successful test of an ICBM, a "super long distance intercontinental multistage ballistic rocket...a few days ago," as reported by the ITAR-TASS.

1980 - American actor known for his roles in the Home Alone series, Macaulay Culkin is born.

1980 - American cartoonist Tex Avery passes away at the age of 72.  He is known for his work in creating Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Droopy, Screwy Squirrel, and Porky Pig.

1974 - American aviator Charles Lindbergh, dies at the age of 72.

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