Monday, August 22, 2011

22nd of August

It is the 234th day of the year, with 131 days remaining until the new year.

565 - St. Columba reports seeing a monster in Loch Ness, Scotland.

1654 - Jacob Barsimson arrives in New Amsterdam.  He is the first known Jewish immigrant to America.

1770 - James Cook, British navigator and explorer reaches the east coast of Australia with his expedtion.

1791 - This marks the beginning of the Haitian Slave Revolution in Saint-Domingue.

1848 - The United States decides to annex the area of New Mexico.

1849 - The first air raid in history occurs, as Austria launches pilotless balloons against the city of Venice.

1864 - 12 nations sign the First Geneva Convention and the Red Cross is formed.

1902 - The Cadillac Motor Company is founded by Henry Leland.

1902 - Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first United States President to ride in an automobile.

1934 - Norman Schwarzkopf, United States Army General, who was commander of the U.S. Central Command and the Coalition Force in the Persian Gulf War is born.

1941 - German troops reach Leningrad in Russia, leading to the siege of the city.

1944 - Romania is captured by the Soviet Union and German forces are forced out of the region.

1962 - An attempt to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle fails.

1963 - American Joe Walker, reaches an altitude of 106 km (66 miles), in an X-15 test plane.

1989 - Right-handed baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan, strikes out Rickey Henderson to become the first Major League Baseball pitcher to record 5,000 strikeouts.

2007 - The Texas Rangers rout the Baltimore Orioles with a score of 30 to 3, the most runs scored by a team in modern day baseball history.

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