Thursday, July 19, 2012

19th of July

It is the 200th day of the year, with only 165 days remaining until the end of the year.

64 - Known as the Great Fire of Rome, a fire begins to burn in the merchant area of Rome and soon burns completely out of control.  According to a popular, but untrue legend, Nero fiddled as the city burned.

1701 - Representatives of the Iroquois Confederacy sign the Nanfan Treaty, ceding a large territory north of the Ohio River to England.

1863 - At Buffington Island in Ohio, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan's raid into the north is mostly thwarted when a large group of his men are captured while trying to escape across the Ohio River.

1919 - Following Peace Day celebrations, marking the end of World War I, ex-servicemen riot and burn down Luton Town Hall.

1942 - German Grand Admiral Karl Donitz orders the last U-boats to withdraw from their United States Atlantic coast positions in response to the effective American convoy system.

1963 - Joe Walker, flies a North American X-15 to a record altitude of 347,800 feet (106,010 meters).  The flight qualifies as a human spaceflight.

1981 - In a private meeting with President Ronald Reagan, French Prime Minister Francois Mitterrand reveals the existence of the Farewell Dossier, a collection of documents showing that the Soviets had beenstealing American technological research and development.

1983 - The first three-dimensional reconstruction of a human head in a CT is published.

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