Monday, January 30, 2012

30th of January

It is the 30th day of the year, with 335 days remaining until the new year.

1661 - Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England is ritually executed two years after his death, on the anniversary of the execution of the monarch he himself deposed.

1790 - The first boat specializing as a lifeboat is test on the River Tyne.

1835 - In the first assassination attempt against a President of the United States, Richard Lawrence attempts to shoot Andrew Jackson, but fails and is subdued by a crowd, including several congressmen.

1862 - The first American ironclad warship, the USS Monitor is launched.

1933 - Adolf Hitler is sworn in as Chancellor of Germany.

1945 - The Wilhelm Gustloff, overfilled with refugees, sinks in the Baltic Sea after being torpedoed by a Soviet submarine, leading to the deadliest known maritime disaster, killing approximately 9,400 people.

1959 - MS Hans Hedtoft, said to be the safest ship afloat and "unsinkable" like the RMS Titanic, struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage and sank, killing all 95 on board.

1969 - The Beatles' last public performance, on the roof of Apple Records in London.  The impromptu is broken up by police.

1971 - Carole King's Tapestry album is released, it would become the longest charting album by a female solo artist and sell 24 million copies worldwide.

1982 - Richard Skrenta writes the first PC virus code, which is only 400 lines long and disguised as an Apple boot program known as Elk Cloner.

1994 - Peter Leko becomes the youngest chess grand master at the age of 14.

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