Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st of December

It is the 335th day of the year, with only 30 days remaining until the end of the year.

It is also the beginning of the twelfth month of the year.

1824 - Since no candidate received a majority of the total electoral college votes in the election, the United States House of Representatives is given the task of deciding the winner in accordance with the Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution.

1864 - In his State of the Union Address, President Abraham Lincoln reaffirms the necessity of ending slavery as ordered ten weeks earlier in the Emancipation Proclamation.

1885 - It is the first serving of the soft drink Dr. Pepper, at a drug store in Waco, Texas.

1913 - The Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving assembly line.

1941 - Fiorello La Guardia, Mayor of New York City, and Director of the Office of Civilian Defense, signs Administrative Order 9, creating the Civil Air Patrol.

1952 - The New York Daily News reports the news of Christine Jorgenson, the first notable case of sexual reassignment surgery.

1955 - Seamstress Rosa Parks, refuses to give up her bus seat to a white man and is arrested for violating the city's racial segregation laws, an incident which leads to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

1969 - The first draft lottery in the United States is held since World War II.

1981 - The AIDS virus is officially recognized.

1982 - At the University of Utah, Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.

1990 - Channel Tunnel sections started from the United Kingdom and France meet 40 meters beneath the seabed.

2001 - Captain Bill Compton brings Trans World Airlines Flight 220, an MD-83, into St. Louis International Airport.  He brings an end to 76 years of TWA operations because the company would then be purchased by American Airlines.

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